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Livosiddh® Tablets - Liver Care & Better Digestion

Livosiddh® Tablets - Liver Care & Better Digestion

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Benefits of Livosiddh

Livosiddh Tablets helps detoxify your liver and improve its daily function. It helps: 

  • Restore digestive fire
  • Improve appetite
  • Enjoy great health

Why is Livosiddh needed?

Heavy eating or drinking habits puts stress on the liver leading to fatty liver conditions, reduced appetite or poor digestion.

Livosiddh helps revitalize the liver and improve appetite just within 2-3 doses. Over the long term, Livosiddh helps relieve fatty liver conditions too.

Livosiddh is especially useful for alcohol detox. Its herbs are proven to eliminate hepato-toxins.

For chronic conditions, Ayurveda should be considered as the first line of treatment.


Recommended dosage for Livosiddh:
1 to 2 tablets twice a day.

Occasional dosage of 2 tablets after heavy food or alcohol is also considered beneficial.


Each tablet contains extracts derived from:
Bhui amla 105mg, Sharpunkha 55mg, Giloy 10mg, Chirata 10mg, Neem 25mg, Kalmegh 10mg, Punarnava 100mg, Arjun 100mg, Kasni 53mg, Haridra 100mg, Kutki 10mg


• Improve appetite and digestion
• Support in fatty liver condition
• Prevents Alcohol-related Liver Disease (ARLD)
• Helps in liver cirrhosis
• Maintains energy levels due to added Shilajit
• Researched on 800+ volunteers and clinically proven
• Patented formula
• No harmful effects over long-term use
• 100% Ayurvedic Ingredients
• Safe for Diabetics

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