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SugCare® (Ayush 82) - Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

SugCare® (Ayush 82) - Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

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Maintain your blood sugar levels. Prevent complications due to Diabetes.

SugCare is a patented Ayurvedic formula that helps control blood glucose levels by metabolizing excess sugar and improving pancreas’ function. It contains 5 well-researched herbs – Amra, Jamun, Gudmar, Karela and Shilajit.

Clinically tested over 800+ volunteers by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, this product is widely prescribed by the doctors. Being a herbal preparation, SugCare is safer for long-term use than other chemical alternatives.

Added Shilajit extract helps maintain energy levels throughout the day.

For chronic conditions, Ayurveda should be considered as the first line of treatment.


Maximum dosage for SugCare:
2 tablets thrice a day.

For FBS levels below 200 mg/dl, prefer 2 tablets twice a day.

SugCare shows effect within 4 days. For better control, take consistent dosage for 60 days. Discontinue in case of frequent fatigues due to low-sugar.


Each tablet contains extracts derived from:
Amra (Mangifera Indica Sd.) 625mg
Jamun (Syzygium cumini Sd.) 625mg
Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestre Lf.) 625mg
Karela (Momordica charantia Sd.) 625mg
Shuddh Shilajit (Asphaltum Punjabianum) 167mg


Maintains healthy blood sugar levels
Reduces excess blood sugar
Improves health of pancreas
Maintains energy levels due to added Shilajit
Researched on 800+ volunteers and clinically proven
Patented formula
No harmful effects over long-term use
100% Ayurvedic Ingredients

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