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Vedilax – Ayurvedic Digestive Care Syrup 200 ml

Vedilax – Ayurvedic Digestive Care Syrup 200 ml

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Ayurveda based Vedilax focuses on keeping stomach healthy for a disease-free life. It is effective against long term constipation, and relieves gas and indigestion. This mix contains several proven herbs that are best fit for rejuvenating the digestive system. Its natural ingredients helps to promote gut health, reduce inflammation, and ease digestion for a more comfortable experience.



Adults: 1-2 Teaspoon, twice a day
Children: 1/2 - 1 Teaspoon, twice a day

Preferably at night before bed, or as prescribed by your doctor.


Each 10ml contains extracts derived from:
Jeera 100mg, Pudhina 170mg, Anardana 170mg, Sounth 30mg, Chitrak Mool ki chal 100mg, Chavya 25mg, Pippali 30mg, Sat Ajwain 11mg, Kali Mirch 25mg, Alwa 35mg, Saindha Salt 45mg, Black Salt, Dal Chini 20mg, Trifla 250mg, Sanai 50mg, Kasvi 10mg, Dhania 100mg, Kadi Pata 100mg


• Relief in constipation, gas, indigestion, poor digestion.
• Improves Digestion
• Enhances Gut Motility
• Boosts Bowel Regulatory Effect

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