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WCare Syrup – Female Uterine Tonic 200 ml

WCare Syrup – Female Uterine Tonic 200 ml

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Helps Restore Natural Balance of Hormones

A herb rich solution helps females in their menstrual age to overcome irregularities and balance the hormones in the process. WCare contains anti-oxidant and digestive herbs which helps improve the body's inner metabolism. 

WCare is made using pure herbs that have always been used to treat problems related to female health among girls aged 13-45. Recommended long term usage for holistic healing and restoration.


1-2 teaspoons twice a day, half hour before meal or as directed by the doctor.
Recommended for long term use.


Each 10ml syrup contains extract from:
Ashoka 319mg, Lodh 266mg, Arjuna 213mg, Ashwagandha 159mg, Shatavari 213mg, Ghee Kwar Patra 319mg, Ajwain 159mg, Ajmodh 159mg, Ulta-kambal 266mg, Amaltas 213mg, Sonth 213mg, Jatamansi 213mg, Nag Kesar 159mg, Vasa Patra 266mg, Dhatki 213mg, Neem, Punarnava, Amla 213mg and Kalmegh


• Balances the production of female hormones
• Utmost safety on long-term use
• Helps in overall uterine health
• It is useful in all types menstrual & uterine disorders
• Helps restore natural balance of hormones
• Regularizes menstrual cycle

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