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RestoMind® Syrup – Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress Relief & Memory Enhancer 200 ml

RestoMind® Syrup – Ayurvedic Medicine for Stress Relief & Memory Enhancer 200 ml

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Restful sleep. Fresher mornings. A classic Ayurvedic formula to help you relieve stress at night and improve the quality of sleep. With proven herbal actives like Brahmi, Shankhpushpi & Jatamansi, RestoMind is the supplement your nights are waiting for.


Adults: 1-2 Tsp twice a day
Children: 1 Tsp twice a day

During pregnancy, do not self-administer. Consult a physician for appropriate dosage.

Rest assured, these syrups do not cause drowsiness.


Each 10ml syrup contains extracts derived from:
Shankhpushpi 400mg, Brahmi 404mg, Ashwagandha 20mg, Satawari 11mg, Sounth 20mg, Pipal 10mg, Kali Mirch 12mg, Shukchmela 10mg, Sounf 13mg, Vach 250mg, Gulab Pushpa 12mg, Jatamansi 11mg, Vai Vidang 11mg, Turmeric 20mg


Improves quality of sleep
Helps relax brain’s nerves & enhance mental function
Improves energy levels
Helps reduce daily stress
No drowsiness
Non-habit forming - reliable for kids
No harmful effects over long-term use
100% Ayurvedic Ingredients

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